Saturday, 5 March 2016

Quad 33 Pre-amp, FM3 Tuner and Quad 402-2 Power amplifier.

And so the quest for a fully operational Quad system continues with the purchase of the Quad 33 Pre-amp.
Next step is to acquire a Quad 405 Power amp.

Well here it is. The Quad 33 Pre-amp, 405-2 Power amp and FM 3 Tuner all sounding wonderful.
Tuner, tape deck and Cd player all working beautifully. Just the Thorens TD150.11 to set up now.

I just love my Quad stereo system. Teamed up with a pair of Scott 167b loudspeakers and a Thorens TD150 11 turntable.

Latest piece of news..  I have just use a contact cleaner on the Pre-amp's push button switches and the result is just amazing, not only do all the switches work now without failing but it has even improved the sound. Something I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a similar setup.

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