Tuesday, 16 May 2017


The Decware ZKIT2 Zen Triode Stereo amplifier kit.

The new Pcb's have just arrived.

And here are the components.

I thought that I would assemble everything 'in the rough' and then decide what kind of enclosure I would use once everything was assembled and working. Something like this: below.

Here we go..

Next step is to order the tubes and the transformers.. Edcor and Hotrocks.uk.

The transformers arrive.

The finished thing, sounding fantastic, really
making the Scott amplifiers sing.

My next step is to create a case for the amp and then researching how to add a tube pre-amp.                                                  
Been thinking about a case for the amp, but most people say that they just like the look of it as it is, all wires and stuff. 

 This low cost tube based Headphone Amplifier lets you experience "tube sound". It is based on two low powerconsumption Raytheon JAN6418 sub-miniature pentodes. The amplifier also employs an ultra-low distortion, and low noise....

Just one personal caveat don't expect to get any chummy communication from Oatley, all they do is complete your order and that's it.

Enclosing the preamp in a case c/o Dove Men Care.

The case finished just the wiring to do.