Friday, 18 March 2016

Lees family.

Nan-nan, Rupert,Valerie, Aunt Doris and Dad. 1933.    

Rupert  took his fathers favourite hunter and went to the local army recruitment centre to join
the cavalry company but was told that he was not old enough and father was told to come and collect him. His father was not very pleased to find that the horse had been requisitioned.

Uncle Herald Rock with his favourite parrot in Lisbon.

"Bleak house". 1933.

Rupert, Valerie, Aunt Doris, Nan-nan, Dad, auntie Connie and Uncle Herald.

Dad, Nan-nan, Rupert,Valerie and Auntie Connie.

Dad, Nan-nan, Rupert, Valerie and Uncle Herald.

Rupert & Nan-nan. 1937.

Nan-nan at Canterbury Cathedral 1967.

Valerie and Nan nan.1965.

Rupert and Auntie Freda 10 Jan 1947.     (Dont know about the car pic).

Photos of Valerie.

Valerie nightclubbing Soho.

Valerie's boutique.  The Pantiles Tonbridge,

Valerie  Brighton 05/08/2013.

Dad and me and unknown pal in Kenya.

Julian, Guy and Amanda.   Germany.

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