Monday, 7 November 2016

6T9 Valve Audio Amplifier.

The inspiration for this project was given by Mark Houston who wrote up his experiences of making and modifying the Spare Time Gizmo amplifier described in Nuts and Volts magazine. Marks experience was that with a few mods the quality of this cheap valve audio amplifier could be able to out perform many of the expensive Solid State counterparts.

The Printed Circuit Board arrives.

The components arrive and now the assembly can begin.

Continuing the assembly.

The Iron arrives, now for phase two of the assembly.

Assembling the 6T9 Tube amp ready for wiring.

Putting the pcb into the tray and aligning and securing it into the created holes was a slow process.
Now it all has to be wired up.


With all the wiring done it's onto the testing stage.

My next step is to clean all the wiring up and mount it all into a more respectable case and dispense with the Oven Dish. Something like this from Hammond Manufacturing. 

So now the 6T9 Tube Amplifier can be nicely boxed into this lovely base that was made by Martin, my friend, out of cherry wood.

The hardest part was drilling the 3mm copper sheet for the top cover.

Here is what the finished amp looks like

And with the Fostex206 high sensitivity speakers there is much more volume and clarity.


Unknown said...

Looks good
When you have it up and running perhaps an audio recording would save us wondering how it sounds.

Use of a baking tray is quite innovative, they are cheap enough and provide the necessary screening from interference.
I guess a used one would also lend some upcycling credibility to the project.

Divali said...


Colin, this recording quality doesn't really do it justice I'm afraid.

Colin said...

I don't see how to listen to the audio, I think the link is incomplete

retro-thermionic said...

Your second build is a lot nicer.