Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Thorens TD150 11.

Just bought a Thorens TD150 11. on Ebay. It arrived in a poor state looking like it had spent its life in a pub or iron foundry. So with a lot of cleaning and re-adjustment of various things it is now working and sounding as it should.
I will change the current cartridge which is an A&M for an Audio Technica. The phono lead and plugs will go for higher quality ones.

I also was thinking of changing  the Tandberg plinth, which is of a rather poor quality for a nice solid walnut one. For the time being I have placed a foam sheet under the plinth and that has made quite a decent difference.

Starting the refurb and replacing the plinth.

1. Firstly the aluminium top cover must be removed. It is secured by double-sided tape, but in my case it was some sort of glue. This has to be heat softened to gently release the top aluminium sheet, I used a hairdryer.

2. Then with the plinth removed, I placed it on an upturned table so that later I will be able to get at the three suspension springs and adjust them to a satisfactory standard.

3. Once the top sheet is removed you can undo the 5 screws that hold the turntable to the wooden plinth.

 4.  Cleaning off the glue left on the top panel using white spirit.

Using an upturned coffee table, I was able to adjust the deck suspension springs, from below, because I was previously getting a scraping noise whenever I tried to use the 45rpm speed, due the speed changer catching the underside of the platter. Fixed.

The new cherry wood plinth arrives.

And here it is finished, waxed and polished, in all it's glory.

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